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Sorry, but not only are these complaints totally irrelevant (2008???), they are way off base. This company is professional, accurate and totally service oriented and user friendly.

Considering the size of the companies they review and report on, I find it hard to believe that they would call an antique shop unless the big brands--like Walmart, Target, Best Buy--are starting to sell antiques or this antique dealer is using the name of a big brand store as his company name.

Sales-Fax News is in the business of helping media sellers sell advertising. The contact information is permission-base, so I find it rather unbelievable that anyone who has spoken to one of their reporters would be "pissed."

Sales Fax news - Lied and scammed

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I run a small company that specializes in antiques.I received a call from Sales Fax News from a reporter named Ron who wanted to do a story on my company.

I agreed to do the interview, informing Ron that my company was small and did nothave a lot of money to advertise. What happened next was a nightmare. My phone would not stop ringing with calls form salesmen wanting to sell me advertising space. All this Sales Fax News is is a lead generator.

If you have a small business do NOT sumbit yourself to an interview with them. This Ron printed my address, e-mail address and phone number. He and his company are scam artists. After some research I found out that they have scammed many other businesses.

This Sales Fax News goes by many other names such as Ad Fax Media, Sales Facts Media, Ad Trade Fax Database. Its owner/founder/publisher is Larry Rothstein and he can be reached at 212-684-1144 X200.

His assistant Harry Mann-Kaplan can be reached at the same number.Call them and let them know you don't want to be scammed.

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Sales Fax news - Harrassment at its best

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Some company called Sales Fax news wrote a story about my company.The following week my phone would not stop ringing.

It was all of these sales reps calling thanks to the interview I granted Sales Fax news. Do not let these folks do a "story" on you they are nothing but *** artists. My phone has not stopped ringing. When I called the company back I was given the run around, until I finnaly spoke to a woman named Mary Ann.

This Mary Ann person was trying to convince me that she was helping me by giving out my phone number and e-mail address.

Someone needs to electro-shock her back into reality.When I told her that the next call she would receive would be from my lawyer, she hung up on me.

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Sucks to be a sucker, huh?

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